What’s Your Leadership Story?

ASCD recently published the article, Writing a Personal Leadership Philosophy Will Make You a Better Leader, which detailed the importance and steps of creating a Philosophy Statement to guide the journey.  After leading the article, I was intrigued to start my own.  Here is that attempt! I am sure over time, this will change and I am interested to see my thoughts evolve.

My style can be defined as a blend of Instructional Servant Leadership. I center my conversations around curriculum, instructional, and assessment practices and feel it is important to stay up to date in these areas. I model expectations to staff regarding planning, goal setting, communication, and pivoting when needed as situations arise.  Being a leader involves the highest of moral standards and integrity while putting the needs of staff and students first and foremost.

My mindset is kids-first…always.  The focus of our job and livelihood is raising future generations of humans for the World.  We can’t make mistakes.  Sometimes what is best for kids is challenging for adults; it is up to us to work through that uncertainty to do the right thing.

The real-life experiences leading me in this journey relate to the world of agriculture.  I was raised on a 100-acre hog farm.  The work, 365 days a year, had to be completed – no matter what. The same holds true for the role of a leader.  In addition, farmers are the first to reach out a hand and help one another when a struggle occurs.  This servant friendship/leadership style is another offshoot of my career actions.

As I continue down my path, I strive to maintain these core values.  What is your leadership statement?


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